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Older Adult Group Fitness at YWCA Fitness on 25th


Fitness on 25th

YWCA Fitness on 25th offers three specific activities designed to support for the needs of our older adult members:

  1. Gentle Aqua Class at 1:30 pm weekdays
  2. Gentle Land Class Tuesday’s at 11am
  3. Weight Room Orientations

Our successful Gentle Aqua class runs every weekday beginning at 1:30 pm. Our ever-upbeat front desk staff member Jackie leads this class Monday through Thursday with Joyce leading the class on Friday’s. The Gentle Aquatic class is a low impact aerobic program using the natural resistance of water for a consistent workout. Water’s natural buoyancy provides a great environment for those new to exercise or looking to rehab an injury or surgery such as a knee replacement.

YWCA Fitness on 25th Personal Trainer Val Kirk leads our Gentle Land class every Tuesday at 11am. This class offers an introductory level class hosted in our gymnasium. Light, weight resistance exercises are vital to assist you in fighting back the development of aging issue s such as osteoporosis and reduced mobility. Val’s experience as a personal trainer and experience with unique populations help her be an ideal instructor for this class.

Pictured: YWCA Personal Trainer Val Kirk leading our Gentle Land class.

Unsure about how to use the equipment in the Weight Room? Make sure to book in for a Weight Room Orientation. We are offering the orientations as part of everyone’s membership. The orientations are 30 minutes in length and designed to provide those new to the weight room with a basic understanding of how to use the room to your benefit. Included with each orientation is a choice of two workout programs; designed by our personal trainers. Sign up at the front desk.

Visit our Online Calendar here for more information on all classes offered at YWCA Fitness on 25th