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Fitness on 25th

October Fitness on 25th Member Contest

Fitness on 25th offers a variety of aerobic exercise classes that are aimed to target multiple muscle groups, and to meet a range of fitness needs.

New to the Fitness on 25th schedule this Fall, is Power Core. Power core incorporates high energy dance fitness moves with a blend of athletic core and standing pilates. Make sure to check out this new class addition on Tuesdays at noon hour (12:05-12:50pm) with Andrea!

During the 7th-31st of October, Fitness on 25th will be focusing on the benefits of noon-hour exercise. To reward those who attend regular land classes, Fitness on 25th will be giving away a jump rope, massage ball, and women’s workout gloves. Anyone who registers and attends a noon-hour land class will be able to record their name and be entered for the fitness package, and the draw will be made from all attendees in the month. The more noon-hour land classes you attend, the more your name is entered.

In addition, Fitness on 25th will also be giving away goggles and a swim cap during the October 7th-31st period. Anyone who registers and attends any lane swim session can record their name and be entered for the swim package. The more lane swim sessions you attend, the more you are entered to win the package.

Fitness on 25th looks forward to another month of motivating and encouraging its members to reach their fitness goals.