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Nutrition Monday: Carbs After Dark

Carbs after Dark
By: Breeanna Tudda

                                A balanced diet is key to a promising journey of health and wellness. Depending on your gender and calorie intake, your body needs a certain amount of each food group to function in a day. Carbohydrates being one of the food groups that are a must need to a person’s diet. A typical person needs about 6-8 serving carbohydrates a day (“Canadian Food Guide”, 2007). People are sometimes worried that too many carbs puts on weight, and they are right to some degree, however, if you’re over the recommended servings or don’t get enough physical activity you will put on weight.  Your body will store the carbs as fat if they are unburned carbohydrates. This is because your body doesn’t store carbs as efficiently as other food groups since it is the first thing your body burns when you work out. That is why it is very important to eat carbs earlier in the day and have protein based foods like fish or chicken for supper instead of a huge bowl of spaghetti. To eat a lot of carbs for supper isn’t always a big deal but if you want to lose weight than it is best to eat it during the day when you burn the most energy as oppose to eating them at night.

So in the end carbs are not bad for you however, it is good to eat carbohydrates in moderation just like the other food groups. Also, remember to limit your in-take when you know you are not going to be active in the evening and plan your meals around your physical activity so you know you are burning carbs rather than storing.