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Now is the Time to Join Fitness on 25th!

downloadMake that commitment to your personal health and wellness with a one-year membership contract at YWCA Fitness on 25th. Right now is the time to join with great savings:

  • Join Now and Do not Pay until December 1st on a one-year contract.
  • Even after December 1st, you pay our regular low monthly rate of:
    • $41.50 plus gst for adults
    • $36.00 plus gst for seniors
    • These rates are subject to possible annual price increases.
  • AND, for a limited time only, we give you further savings by waiving the Joining fee of $42.00.

How much do you save?

Join by September 1st and an adult would save a total of $174.83.

Join by October 1st and an adult would save $131.25.

Join by November 1st and still save $87.68.


The sooner you join, the more you save!