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Now is the time to apply for jobs for the Holiday Season!


Employment & Learning

Fall is the time when retail establishments gear up for the holiday season. Retail stores often hire at this time so that employees are trained and ready for the anticipated holiday rush. Whether you are looking for some solid hours or a little extra pocket money, there is sure to be opportunity at this time.

Job opportunities are created with spin off business at this season, too. During peak shopping times, restaurants and coffee shops also get busier. With chilly weather outside, people migrate inside to gather over coffee and catch up with friends. Catering work could also include party planning as well as serving.

Get your resume ready and feature all of your great customer service skills. Be mindful of how customer-oriented you appear when you drop off your resume in person. Go in with a big smile. If the employer takes resumes online, then be sure to apply that way as well. Dress as if you were going for an interview, because first impressions count!