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New Weight Room Equipment for YWCA Fitness on 25th


Fitness on 25th

As we develop our new Y-Fit Functional Fitness Classes, YWCA Fitness on 25th has begun to add new equipment. Already in the gym is a new 20 pound Soft Wall Ball. This monster has been added to the ones we already have in the gym. In addition, coming soon are a few new soft wall balls of differing weights. The soft wall ball has numerous uses for your workout routine including wall ball squat thrusters.

Pictured is a new 16 kg kettle bell. This one came into the gym this week and gives us two heavy kettle bells. Lighter kettle bell options are also coming and could be here as soon as the first week of February. We are also awaiting deliver on different weighted sand bags. Sand bags have many exercise options as well. Because the sand bag is typically more challenging to lift than the same weight in a dumbbell or barbell, it becomes a great strength training tool.

And, also pictured with the kettle bell are a couple of our new skipping ropes. These double under ropes have been set to different lengths but are adjustable and allow for a person to complete rapid skipping motions such as the classic double under.

Check in with our Fitness Consultants and Personal Trainers for ways to incorporate these functional products into your workout. Watch our online class schedules for our Y-Fit classes and all other offerings.