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New in 2017: Aqua Strength


Fitness on 25th

YWCA Fitness on 25th is offering a new take on Aqua Fitness for 2017! Our Aqua Strength Class, Monday’s at 5:15 PM starting January 2nd, will challenge you to perform strength and conditioning movements in ways not typical of your standard Aqua Fitness class.

Picture yourself performing wind sprints across the length of the pool, performing squat movements sometimes with weight, sometimes without, lifting water weights using the resistance of the water as an added challenge and you get a sense of what our Aqua Strength class will be like.

Do you have to have a strong swim background for this class? No, but comfort in a water environment will be a benefit. You will not perform swimming movements. Think of it of taking popular functional fitness movements to the aquatic environment.

Our Aqua Strength class will challenge you to improve your mobility, your strength and your cardiovascular fitness. Regardless of your current fitness or background, we will offer you scale-able options for all exercise. Led by Certified Personal Trainer Val Kirk this class will be challenging…and fun for beginners and experienced group fitness participants alike.