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New Gym Membership Special!


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Get your 2022 year off to a fantastic start by starting your journey to a healthier, better you!

At Fitness on 25th, we love movement and we love helping people establish healthy physical habits. We are excited to introduce a new Fitness on 25th Membership Special! By undertaking this journey, you will get the chance to learn from our professional health and wellness staff. To qualify for this special package, you must be a new member defined as not having had a membership to Fitness on 25th in the past 12 months.

This promotional special includes the following features:

  • Four weeks of full membership to Fitness on 25th. A $50 value.
  • Fitness on 25th Joining Fee included. A $25 value.
  • A one-hour fitness assessment with one of our trainers. A $75 value.
  • A 30-minute follow-up assessment with one of our trainers. A $40 value.

The total value of this package is $190.


Meet the team who will be helping you achieve your fitness goals!

  • Fred Dyck, B.Sc.P.E. with over 25 years of helping people achieve success on their fitness journeys. Fred’s background includes being a C.P.G.A. Golf Professional, an avid endurance age group athlete and with the sport of triathlon. E:
  • Nima Nazemi, BSc, MB, PTS, MWOD MMS, is a former high-performance athlete. His extensive knowledge and experience truly distinguish him among others. He has worked with over 100 individuals in the past five years.
  • Valerie Kirk, CSEP-CPT, Can-Fit-Pro CPTS, SPRA, CKA with over 30 years experience of exercise programming, teaching classes, personal training and many certifications. Val is one of our busiest Personal Trainers, Aerobic & Aqua-fitness Instructor.
  • Rahim Ramji, Doctorate in Physiotherapy, U of Melbourne, B.Sc.Kinesioloy. The newest member of our team brings a love of helping people move and be physically active. His strong science-based education improves all of our programming.


We meet you where ever you are on your wellness journey!

When you are finished your four week program, new fitness habits will be forming. You will know more about how to move well and safely and your movement literacy will be improving. You will do all of this at a place which emphasizes a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. At Fitness on 25th, we meet you where you are at on your health and wellness journey. Whether you are young or old, have spent your life in a gym or have never stepped into one, have a lot of experience with exercise programs or hated your high school Phys. Ed. Class…it doesn’t matter to us. We are here to help you begin your journey to a healthier you.

To get in on this amazing new offer, email Fitness on 25th at one of our email addresses and schedule your one-hour fitness assessment!


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