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My Fitness Diary

What it’s like getting started at the YWCA. 

My first visit 

I set a goal to get more active. My friends who work out here say it’s not too intimidating to get started. I get a guided tour and see the whole facility. The elliptical, treadmill and bikes look like a good place to start!

Week 1 

The no contract option makes me feel comfortable. Plus, I like that my membership dollars help support community work. It’s been a long time since I’ve used a gym, so I take advantage of an orientation with a trainer, including machines for upper and lower body, and free weights. My muscles feel a little sore, but it’s a good feeling.

Week 2

I go to the noon hour yoga class and I feel like I fit in. This instructor is really committed to the practice of yoga. It’s an amazing experience, and I go back to work feeling great.

Week 3 

So far I am working out 3 days per week. I decide to add lane swim at noon hour in addition to my yoga day and my cardio/weights days. This pool is super warm and not too busy.

Week 4 

It is sunny and beautiful, so I am going to hit the Meewasin Valley trails, and then use the YWCA showers. I am alternating running with walking, and I definitely have more energy. The location is perfect for me, and I am planning to get outside more when the weather is good.