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Move like an Animal!


Fitness on 25th

by Fred Dyck, B.Sc.P.E, Fitness Manager, YWCA Fitness on 25th

We are always looking for inspiration for our Y-Fit Functional Fitness classes. The search is for movements & exercises with two desired outcomes: 1. the movement has a strong functional benefit to the participant and 2. it is interesting. Keeping our classes interesting and beneficial is the best way to ensure you keep coming back.

One of our members, Keith Hobman, is always a source for myself for movement and exercise inspirations. Keith suggested to me to include the Lateral Ape Walk in one of our next classes. A good web site for information on the Lateral Ape Walk and other similar movements would be Animal Flow.

Animal Flow calls itself an “innovative fitness program that combines a wide range of exercises and ground-based movement combinations.” In visiting their web site I found a number of interesting moves I will be incorporating into future Y-Fit classes. Keith already is using some of these movements with his regular noon hour training group.

The lateral ape walk fairly simple but becomes a physically beneficial movement if you concentrate on keeping your hips as low as possible through the transition. In the picture series you can see me travel through the full movement.

Some of the Animal Flow interesting moves include:

  • Lateral Traveling Ape
  • Crab Reach
  • Underswitch

Visit the Animal Flow web site (link below) for more information and come to our Thursday noon Y-Fit class to try moves like these along with other gymnastic-type movement options we regularly use in our class.