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Loving and Thriving: Isabel’s Story


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Our three year old daughter, Isabel, was born with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy. Because of impairments from this type of brain damage, she requires special supervision and care. She is 100% tube fed and cannot crawl or walk. She can’t defend herself around toddlers’ normal rough and tumble play.

For any parent, it’s hard to trust your child with a care provider, but once you find one, it gives you a sense of freedom. It opens your heart and mind up for other thoughts and tasks.

When Isabel is at the YWCA with Noland and her other care providers, the worry is gone and we know she is well looked after.

We have a third team member—the YWCA—helping us as parents to keep a regular routine for Isabel, with structured eating, sleeping and play. And having the opportunity for Isabel to go to daycare has given my husband and me a chance to keep working, earning two incomes and receiving the health benefits we need for our family.

Isabel has made many friends and loves interacting with the kids at the YWCA with her own way of socializing. Coming into the centre each morning I hear one of the kids yell, “Isabel is here!” and I see them come over to say hi. Through play, she is learning more skills and being challenged. We have learned to let her play more freely at home too, and now she loves playing in the sand and snow.

The YWCA Child Development Centre provides childcare and creates a fun, nurturing, learning environment focused on the needs of young children.

Photo: Dave Stobbe