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Top 15 Reasons I “LOVE My Job”


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Our friendly and professional team in the YWCA Employment & Learning Centre had so much to say about why they love what they do.

(Honestly, we were a little surprised not to hear a single word about all of the staff potlucks, homemade baking and holiday decorating! )

Here’s their Valentine’s Day ode to the YWCA and the jobs they love.

15. “I love to hear our clients say, ‘I wish I would have known this in my last job, I would have saved so much time!'”

14. “Going around town and running into people in jobs that we have helped in the Computer Lab is heartwarming.”

13. “The people that I work with are my family, and I spend more time with them than with my own family.”

12. “My co-workers are awesome and attract awesome people.”

11. “My opinion matters, and I am allowed to speak my mind without fear.”

10. “It’s a joy to see someone grow in confidence from the beginning of the computer class until its conclusion.”

9. “I enjoy being a part of a great organization that makes a difference in our communities.”

8. “I enjoy the diversity of our programs and all of the clients we serve. Every day I get to meet people from different ethnic and educational backgrounds.”

7. “I am always learning. My job challenges me every day to do better.”

6. “Every morning I look forward to offer my expertise and to know that I can make a difference in our clients’ lives.”

5. “My co-workers and the leadership team are knowledgeable and caring.”

4. “I have the best team from which I can seek advice, share ideas and learn new things.”

3. “I am allowed to grow and show my potential. I am able to use my skills, knowledge and experience as well as push myself in areas in which I am uncertain or unfamiliar.”

2. “I love my job as an employment counselor especially when a job seeker is able to use the information and guidance to expand their confidence and capability to go after the job they want. When they get that new job, the excitement for what the future will hold is beyond measure.”

1. “I love my job and being a part of the YWCA community.”


Watch for the “LOVE My Job” series of staff stories running this February on YWCA Saskatoon’s website blog and social media channels. We love what we do, and it shows!


Photo: YWCA staff group, by Heather Fritz