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Locker Room Usage


Fitness on 25th

Our Locker Room is now open for use:

We do have a few new rules as we strive to keep our fitness centre clean.

  • Wear a mask and social distance while in the locker rooms.
  • When possible, come dressed for your workout or even you swim.
  • When possible, change out of your workout or swim wear at home.
  • Although you are free to use the locker room including the showers, please miniize the amount of time required.
  • Only shower if you need to. Choose to shower at your home when possible.
  • No towel service will be in place for the time being.
  • To help us keep the locker room clean, please leave the door to day-lockers open after you have used it. This informs our staff this locker was used and we will further disinfect it.
  • A maximum of two members/users for each locker room bay.
  • Always shower before entering the swimming pool.