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Keep moving!

A few random ways & tips for you during this forced break from the gym:

Focus on something you don’t usually spend time on…your mobility. It is the rare person who can train every part of their body. Most gym goers I see focus on the items most important to them (cardio, strength etc.) and usually talk about how they would like to imp  
rove other things but just don’t have or take the time. Hip or shoulder mobility comes to mind. We see many members who struggle to properly complete movements in the gym because they lack the mobility required. For example, most older men (me included) and many women could work on their overhead mobility. Follow Nima’s mobility page for some excellent tips and skills to improve in this area.

Don’t overdue those push ups. I love push ups. I have done thousands in my life. Still routinely include them in my workouts at the gym. But, that shoulder joint can take only so much. Make sure to vary the types and be concious of the frequency.

Some suggestions:

  1. Warm up the shoulder joint before and work on the range of motion of this amazing piece of human equipment.
  2. Planks for those without the strength (and those that do have it)
  3. Elevate for those who strugglefrom the floor. Don’t sacrifice range of motion to complete
  4. Vary your hand position or band them. Diamond push ups, deficit push ups, one hand on a book while other is on the floor…lots of ways. In the picture above I am at the top of the push up position while one side is elevated.
  5. Vary your reps and frequency.

Get off the couch and onto the floor. We are all going to watch more movies and television over the next few weeks. Try to take a bit of that time and get off the couch. You don’t have to spend an entire movie on the floor but its an easy way to work on some flexibility.

  • Walking, run, jog…Outside. My anecdotal account is the people of Saskatoon have taken this up…it sure seems to me more people are out walking around…obeying physical distancing but enjoying the outdoors. Great for the legs, great for the heart, great for the head.

All for now…more to come. Remember to keep moving!