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Jumping and Landing: using the Box Jump to become Explosive


Fitness on 25th

At YWCA Fitness on 25th we have a number of items you can step up on or jump onto. We have the bench steps used in the gymnasium for step activities which can be built to numerous heights, the Plyo box jump seen in the picture above and the adjustable Atlantis machine in the weight room.

Pictured: YWCA Fitness on 25th Member Mike Sands exploding onto the box from a two-foot take off. 

Jumping has numerous benefits and is an excellent activity to build into your workouts.

  • Jumping builds explosiveness.
  • Jumping is a serious cardio challenge.
  • Jumping aids lifts such as the snatch and clean because it duplicates the hip flexion required for those movements.
  • And…its FUN.

Technique tips:

  • Start with Two foot take off, feet shoulder width apart.
  • Try to land in the middle of the box or platform you are jumping on to.
  • Stand up straight once you land on the top.
  • Eyes should be on the horizontal plane with the box in your peripheral vision.

Jumping is an explosive movement. This means a person must be careful. Ensure the height you are jumping to is appropriate for your skill level. Watch as you fatigue to be safe and concentrate on making good movements. Ensure what ever you are jumping onto is stable and you have the proper amount of space around you. The bench steps are reasonable for lower height jumps but become unstable if you build too high of a platform.

Keys to a good landing:

  • toes, heels, knees, squeeze” is the old gymnastics quote. By focusing on this sequence you can create a soft landing.
  • Try to land in a way that you make minimal sound with your feet.

Want to challenge yourself?

If you are completing a series of jumps with the Plyo box, start from the top of the box instead of from the side. As you jump to the floor, strive to be on the ground the least amount of time possible. Make your rest stops occur while you are on the box. (jump down then up rather than jump up then down).

If you have any questions about jumping and landing movements or other aspects of your training, chat with one of our Fitness Consultants or Personal Trainers. We are there to help.