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Job Success in Food and Beverage Industry


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Food is something we all need to survive, but eating is way more than a survival thing.  It is a huge industry and for most Canadians whether eating on the run, celebrating an occasion or a break from cooking, restaurants are a place we love to go.  Employment opportunities of all levels can be found in eating establishments.  If you have great customer service skills, positions like servers, bar tenders and host/hostesses might be work you would enjoy.  Maybe you are more into the preparation and clean-up of food, consider the positions behind the scenes; there are great opportunities to be had in the kitchen.  For those who enjoy keeping things running smoothly there are management and accounting opportunities.  Doing a good job and loving what you do is a way to work towards a promotion.

Consider the environment you like to work in, if you like a busy changing work place this industry will not disappoint.  Do you enjoy a certain kind of ethnic food, banquets, family restaurants, healthy eating, the bar scene, upscale dinning or fast food?  There is so much variety.  People eat at all times of the day and night, every day of the week including holidays.  When are you willing to work and how are you going to get there?  With all of the options maybe you can find something close to home.  Hotels, banquet halls and institutions serve up meals on a large scale.  Hospitals, care facilities, schools and even prisons must provide meals, there are employment opportunities everywhere.

When looking for a job in this field, research the education and certifications you could obtain to make you the best fit for the opportunity.  Think about the teamwork involved to work in this industry, your upbeat personality and ability to communicate well with customers and co-workers will be an asset.  If you enjoy being an energetic team participant this industry might be right for you.