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According to the CareerAddict article by Joanna Zambas The 6 Best Ways to Find a Job in 2019, “searching for a job can be challenging … it can feel like a full-time job and with so many means to find new opportunities, it’s often hard to know where to start”.

The author suggests it’s “time to change your strategy and find a more effective way of job hunting”.

Some ideas Joanna promotes include:

  • Social Media – It’s “one of the most effective ways to job search in 2019”. She specifies “it’s a great place to start as many businesses share new job openings on their social platforms before publishing them elsewhere”.   Be sure to always present yourself professionally
  • Job Boards – While it might seem counter-intuitive when the first suggestion is about an online presence, the article notes “… they (job boards) take out all the hard work; with options to filter by industry, location and company…” you can find opportunities you are interested in. You can also find other options by using different titles to search for the type of work you want to do. For example, Administrative Assistant, Clerical Support, Receptionist or Office Assistant
  • Personal Research and Contacts – “Tapping into the hidden job market by connecting with your inner circle” … can result in referrals. She encourages the reader to attend “professional networking events to expand your pool of contacts”
  • Alumni Organizations – You can actively “shortlist a few contacts from the alumni list, reach out and ask for a little assistance”
  • News Media – “Browse news stories for leads to potential positions”. Recently there was a article identifying “Nearly 800 new jobs are expected to be created thanks to $21 million in federal funding toward 17 Saskatchewan-based projects”. And one about a local company that is expanding. You might want to check out what’s happening and explore the possibilities
  • Recruitment Agencies – “Enlisting the help of a recruitment agency … as another great way to find a job”.

The article ends with the statement “The key is to use all or a combination of methods available to you to find a job that works for you”.

The goal or intention of job seekers is to find that next employment opportunity and the YWCA Job Search Program is here to help support the required actions. The success of any job search is all about the doing – using a multi-faceted approach to seeking and finding a job.  It’s important to conduct research, make connections with potential employers and your personal network, have a strong and professional social media presence, submit applications online and to take time to follow-up every day!

To receive information and assistance to help you execute an effective job search, check out the YWCA website at  Then, put the act in action and contact the Employment & Learning Centre, Job Search Program at 306.986.2873 to book an appointment.