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Job Search Tip: Top Job Interview Tips and Tricks


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You can actually tell a lot about an employer from the employment pages of their website, such as the values they have and how easy it is to find out about potential jobs. This may be a reflection of what it’s like to work there. If it’s friendly and easy to apply for a job, then chances are they have given some thought to why you would have to work for them. You will really impress the interviewer if you find some simple yet compelling reasons for what appeals to you about the role. Remember that the person writing the ad is often not the person you’ll be reporting to, so if you’re not sure, try to talk to someone who knows about the role and ask something like, “what does a typical day/week look like?”

Depending on the organization and the role, you could be interviewed by a recruitment consultant, the HR department, the line manager, all three individually, or any combination. Each will have a different agenda for the interview. Make the interviewer’s role easier by focusing on your strengths and achievements and point out why you are a good match.  Most organizations now use behavioural questions – which means they will be expecting you to provide specific examples of where and how you have demonstrated the skills they are seeking.  It is a good idea to practice for an interview and seek professional help, such as at the YWCA Employment and Learning Centre. A professional is skilled at assisting you to prepare for an interview.

This was based on an article by Karalyn Brown, at the Undercover Recruiter blog.  Please check out the Job Search Program at YWCA here: