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Job Search Tip: Prepare for the Interview


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The better you understand the position and the employer’s needs the more effectively you can show how you will benefit their organization. Read the job ad thoroughly – it will often tell you some of the employer’s major concerns. Even before you get to the interview, practice your introductions and find someone who will help you practice answering some interview questions. Responses need to feel and sound natural. Employers want people who can bring something new and valuable to their business. The best way you can prove to an interviewer that you have what it takes is to know about the organization.

As you enter the room, smile, have a confident demeanor, and make good eye contact. A friendly, enthusiastic manner will go a long way to making that important first impression. During the interview, listen carefully and take notes. Answer the question that’s been asked, and keep your answer concise. One of the final questions you will be asked in an interview is usually: “Is there anything you would like to know about the organization or the job?” Asking an informed question shows you are really interested in the organization, that you know what is important to you in an employee/employer relationship, and shows confidence.

This was based on an article by Service Canada. Please check out the Job Search Program at YWCA here: