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Job Search Tip: Networking Know-How


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A Network is a group of people connected to you through family, friendship, work, education and community. Your skills, abilities and knowledge are keys to landing a job, but a network can help you get your foot in the door. Most jobs are in the hidden job market, positions that employers may fill through personal contacts. Employers would much rather hire someone who has come to them through a contact  then hire strangers, because they would have to sift through resumes, interview people, and take a guess at someone’s work style.  Good networkers are people who share in the lives of others by giving and receiving information, advice, support and commitment.  Some easy ways to do this is to learn how to ask, listen, and respond well during conversation. Contact people in your network if you hear or see something that would interest them, and put yourself in situations where you can meet new people. Help people celebrate their accomplishments and successes, talk to people regularly to see how they’re doing, and phone people on special occasions such as birthdays.

This was based on an article by Service Canada. Please check out the Job Search Program at YWCA here: