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Job Search Program Gives Comfort, Trust, and Help Reaching Goals


Employment & Learning

In our Employment & Learning Centre at the YWCA, we are often asked about the challenges we face within the Saskatoon labour market.

For job seekers, the challenge is navigating the job search process. How do they attain employment, especially employment that matches their job goals?

For employers, the challenge is hiring qualified employees. How do they find the right employees with the right skills at the right time?

Our Job Search Program works to bridge this gap between job seekers and employers. Our range of programs, our employment professionals, our past experience, and our community network combine to create a foundation for our employment services.

We utilize a straightforward strategy to meet the dual needs of job seekers and employers. We pay attention to each individual we work with and we understand diverse populations. We also work hard to address employers’ labour needs. This requires creativity and an array of solutions.

The result is that individuals are able to increase their independence and self-sufficiency, and employers are able to engage a diverse and skilled workforce. We think this is a win-win!

We provide an accessible, welcoming environment where participants feel comfortable and valued. Our Employment & Learning staff work hard to build trust with participants, and this facilitates assessment of their situations and needs. With accurate assessments, our staff can provide individualized services and supports. Participants are able to reach their goals of sustainable employment.

Individual employment plans also include our staff’s recommendations for the best delivery method. This could be through individual counseling, group workshops, or experiential settings.

To learn more about YWCA Saskatoon’s employment programs, please visit ‘Employment & Learning’ on the YWCA Saskatoon website at: