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Are you considering working in the health care industry, but you are not a nurse or doctor?  Don’t worry there are so many other possibilities.  This is one industry that is never going to go out of business so it is worth exploring, it might just help you reach your goals.  Some great reasons to consider health care include; finding a rewarding career, positions for all types of personalities and skills, a variety of education requirements from basic to very specialized, you can find these jobs everywhere, many positions have flexible schedules and of course consider the possibilities of finding a desired lifestyle.

Along with the obvious choices such as becoming a doctor or a nurse, think beyond this to what it takes to keep this industry running.  Besides the humanitarian aspect of working in healthcare, the advances in medicine, technology and research impact these professions at a constantly moving rate, it is exciting!  While it is a given that many of the positions require a university education, have you also considered the support careers?  These positions often are quite accessible with a college education that you can work on full or part time.  How about the realm of leadership, management and business?  Office managers, front desk work, administration, record management, accounts and accounting these are all required in any setting.  Add to this the large amount of IT positions, as well as the technologists and technicians, the possibilities are endless.  Do you like to work in maintenance or the food industry and do not plan to return to school?  Then you should also consider the health care field.

As far as where the jobs are, they are in your town!  Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Clinics, Medical Labs, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Offices, Massage Therapy, Teaching/Research facilities, care homes and home care, healthcare is everywhere.  If you enjoy continual learning and want to excel in your field check out the world of healthcare opportunities.