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Job Hunting Tips For 2017

The way we go about getting jobs has changed. Through technology and the networks that offer more intel on our prospective employers, we are better prepared than ever to find the right career path. According to Janice Clements-Skelton, Chief Human Resources Officer with EBI Consulting and a member of the Society for Human Resource Management’s Special Expertise Panel, finding the right occupation is important for career happiness. “Make sure you love it.”


“I see a generation that has come into the workforce and has been made bolder through the use of technology and information.” Because job seekers have more access to information through the likes of LinkedIn, they simply know more about companies they are contemplating working for and have the power to contact employees of those firms. “Because of that,” says Clements-Skelton, “the interview process has become more collaborative and much more transparent.”


As it always has been, networking is key. Posting to your social networks that you are looking, and what you are looking for, is an important form of networking. Organizations still post to job sites, so while LinkedIn and Job Boards such as SaskJobs.ca are still relevant, Indeed.ca searches corporate web sites, so look there too.


Cold calling is an option. If you have identified one or more organizations you believe offer the ideal work and environment, you can provide them with a resume, even if they do not yet have a position posted. Many businesses will make “opportunity hires” when they meet a great person and know they will have a need, but do not have an open position quite yet.


You can find out more about these types of job search skills from our workshops. Check our website here: https://www.ywcasaskatoon.com/employment-learning/program-information/