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Introducing Fitness on 25th Personal Trainer: Nima Nazemi

 Introducing Fitness on 25th Personal Trainer: Nima Nazemi

Recently welcomed to our team at Fitness on 25th, is Nima Nazemi. Maintaining an active lifestyle is something Nima has always deemed as important. Nima has played basketball at competitive level and earned 2 gold and 3 silver medals. He was nominated to join the Iran University Sports Federation Basketball All-Iranian Camp in 2005. After suffering an injury, he fulfilled his growing passion for the game of basketball through training and coaching athletes.

While studying Sports Management in Australia, Nima continued coaching and was able to earn another gold medal as head coach. After being registered with The Australia Sports Commission (ASC) and contributing in a national athlete development program in Australia, Nima was able to take his coaching career to the next level. Nima started personal training primarily for competitive athletes. Soon after, he developed an integrated exercise and nutrition program aiming at preventing and controlling Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs). Nima has also designed a Fitness Assessment Program for the Fire Service Department of Tehran, that the organization has implemented and is currently practicing.

Nima has completed his CanFitPro Certification and is now entitled as a Certified Personal Trainer Specialist in Canada! Give Nima a wave when you see him around our facility, we are very grateful to have him as a valuable part of our team!