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Important Questions to Ask During a Construction Job Interview


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Whether you are new to the construction industry or a seasoned pro, asking the right questions at your job interview will ensure you find a construction firm that is a good fit for your skills, has your best interests at heart and operates according to standard safety procedures:

Do you provide training?

Constantly improving your knowledge, techniques and abilities will help you to become more skilled. Opt for a company that will invest in your future with training and improvement programs. Training should also cover the use of tools and safety to ensure your own safety and that of others on the jobsite. All employers are required by law to provide emergency procedure training so ensure your employer has emergency procedures in place.

Are there any onsite hazards?

Knowing what potential dangers you will face on your new jobsite will help you to determine whether this is the job for you. Will you have to work at heights and are you comfortable with that? Do you have the tickets needed to work safely? You may also need to buy specialized equipment or gear to effectively deal with potential hazards. While some companies will provide safety gear, this may vary from firm to firm, so ask for clarification.

Where are the first aid kit and fire extinguishers located?

Knowing where emergency equipment is located will help you to respond quickly.

What kinds of challenges will I face in this job?

Ask this question to help identify the challenges unique to this job. Knowing these help you weigh the pros and cons of each job offer.

How do you measure success in this position?

Knowing what your employer is looking for will help you decide whether you will be a good fit. Your new employer may measure your performance based solely on how quickly you work, and you may feel it’s best to slow down and focus on quality. In this instance, your idea of a good job differs from that of your employer’s and requires further exploration. Sometimes it is a matter of a small adjustment of your own pace and style to make a good fit.

What are the challenges your company faces in the next year?

Knowing where the company is going is a good way to see if your goals are aligned. When companies are struggling to make ends meet, they may be forced to take jobs with difficult timelines. They may also not have the money to ensure equipment is in good working order and that the proper safety procedures are followed. Knowing what might be ahead will help you decide if you want to work for this company.

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