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Help for Your Job Search During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The COVID-19 virus is causing stress for everyone, whether you already have a job or currently in a job search. We are witnessing the complete shutdown of many industries and thousands of employees will not be working for the foreseeable future. No matter, if you are in the middle of a job search and really need to work, the COVID-19 is going to affect this process.

What should you be doing in your job search while the world fights COVID-19? Here are some suggestions that you could consider.  We intend to give you some hope in such an unprecedented time.

No one has been through something this, so we are all unsure what to do. It is crucial during this crisis not to assume employers are not hiring. Don’t hold off on sending your resume or reaching out directly by phone/email to the employer.  You may find good results since others competing for the same job may shut down their job search during the crisis.

Interviews will most likely be phone or video. These interviews will be your first impression, so please take them seriously: prepare your answers, dress for success and convey your interest.

Patience is the key. No one knows what the short-term future holds. Smart employers will use this time to build pipelines for future jobs. They know that many “passive” candidates are now working from home and may have time to apply to their open positions, something they could never do from their office workstations. In your job search, apply to jobs that you qualify for, knowing you may not get an interview until the crisis eases. You can’t win the lottery if you don’t have a ticket.

If everyone is staying home, use this time to take online skill courses to make you much more valuable in competition for a position.  Every industry requires different certifications for advanced jobs.  If you are a waiter and want to be a restaurant manager, there is an online training curriculum to help make that happen.  We are in a skills-based economy, and you will be much more valuable with training and certifications.

Update and optimize your resume.  If the employer is unsure of what you do in the top third of your resume, revise it so key information is the first thing they read. This is a big deal for recruiters and the robots who may make interview decisions.

The COVID-19 virus will pass, and companies will be ready to roll.  For those of you in a job search, continue applying to jobs that fit your skills.  The good news is once COVID-19 dissipates, companies should recover in a much shorter period of time.  This is only done with great employees.

Information on our job search programs at the YWCA Employment and Learning Center can be found at: Employment & Learning

You can view the full original article by Roger Lear / Orlando Jobs, at: www.orlandojobs.com/article/help-for-your-job-search-during-coronavirus-covid-19-uncertainty-important/