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Happy New Year! Oops, it’s already March…how do keep that New Year’s Fitness Resolution going through the year?


Fitness on 25th

Gyms all over the country enjoy a spike in membership each January and YWCA Fitness on 25th was no different. We saw a number of new comers to the gym. The beginning of the New Year is often a time to make plans and set fitness goals for the upcoming year. But, it’s now March. How do I keep it going?

The answers are many and varied but one time-tested way to ensure commitment is through group fitness. Regular participation in group fitness programming can create for yourself a sense of community as you get to know others in the group. If you choose to attend a particular class on a regular basis that class can become for you a small community within the larger YWCA community and you then begin to enjoy the benefits of shared commitment. Your class friends can help you to hold yourself accountable and share in the experience as you work to your goals. And, as you cultivate those class bonds, and friendship develops, the shared group fitness experience often becomes more enjoyable. Enjoyable fitness experiences tend to be ones we will repeat…leading to regular participation and ensuring that your New Year’s Fitness Resolution is achieved.

Suggestions on how to use Group Fitness to ensure your commitment:

  • Pick at least one class each week you will commit to. Make regular attendance in this class something you just will not compromise on.
  • Encourage a friend or your spouse to make the same commitment. Just sharing the class experience with one person reinforces the commitment.
  • Encourage each other. Creating the positive feedback that comes from completing each class helps build the social bridges that further reinforce commitment.
  • Have fun!

If you make this commitment for a few weeks, the next thing you know is your weeks will feel empty if you miss your class.