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#Gratitude Tuesday Donor Stories – The gift of time

My name is Joy-Ann Allin. By YWCA standards, I am a new employee–I’ve only worked here at the Y for three and a half years. Many have worked here 10 or 20 years, plus.

Even before starting at the YWCA, I knew about the YWCA volunteers. I knew many women in my network who were involved on the Women of Distinction Awards committee, working year-round to make it the successful gala it continues to be (and has been for more than 30 years!). This committee continues to attract a group of talented women who have a passion for celebrating women’s leadership.

On my first visit to the YWCA, I met several Board of Directors members who were unlike any other board I’d ever seen. They were incredibly warm and authentic, and the bright conference room at the Community Service Village was busy with the toddlers and infants who had come in for a social event with their mothers on the board.

Later I met some of the Guild members who run the Opportunity Shop, a little gem on First Avenue. They put countless hours of work into running the thrift shop up to their high standards, and they possess a huge amount of knowledge about the history of the YWCA movement in Saskatoon from earlier days.

Every year we have a fresh Parents’ Advisory Committee group raising funds for programs at the Child Development Centre with enthusiasm, and putting on the MOST adorable little-people bake sales you have ever seen.

There are other volunteers whose work is not always seen, but their roles are a lifesaver for the people they connect with. Often, volunteers work in the Crisis Shelter helping with child minding and activities, to allow mothers to book appointments or search for housing, without little people underfoot.

Thank you, to each of our YWCA volunteers. I admire and appreciate you so much, for the endless gifts of time and talent you bring. Your commitment inspires us as staff, to keep going.