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#Gratitude Tuesday Donor Stories – A Place of Safety and Joy


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My name is Heather Morrison, and I’m a big fan of the YWCA. I appreciate all they do for women in so many different capacities.

I’ve had the pleasure of emceeing the Women of Distinction Awards, as well as being nominated in the Arts category. When I worked in radio, we raised funds and took donations for the Christmas 365 program. I have also participated twice in their Just Tri It program.

What makes the YWCA special is the variety of ways they help women get ahead in the world. From Turning Points to the Crisis Shelter to the Trade Journey program and Fitness Centre, they are there to help women every step of the way.

I would like people in our community to know that this is a safe space–one that helps people in their hour of need–and it is also a place of joy.

There are so many different moments that I have experienced, like watching older women gab in the warming pool before their aquasize class, or having my photo taken with my fellow nominees, each one of us exclaiming how amazing and inspiring it is to be honoured along with so many strong women. There are also so many other moments that I have heard about, such as how the YWCA rescued a family in crisis or helped a women find employment.

I support the YWCA because everyone deserves a clean, safe place to live, enough to eat, and to be treated with respect. It breaks my heart to think of any of those aspects missing in a woman’s life, and I am grateful that the YWCA is able to help. A donation to the YWCA ensures they will be there for women and their children in the worst moments of their lives. Additionally, as a new mom, I greatly appreciate their ability keep children safe and also provide them with an educational and fun environment in their Childhood Development Centre.