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In the nutrition program in the Crisis Shelter and Residence, our YWCA residents work with a registered dietitian to cook nutritious and low-cost meals. Evidence shows that improving food security is important for improving overall physical and mental health. Three nutrition sessions are offered every week, offering flexible community meal times to reach a wider group of participants.

As residents grow and develop skills and confidence with simple recipes, they enjoy sense of community and the nutritious new options. They also take away key nutrition messages and cooking skills when they leave the shelter.

In addition to her work in the Crisis Shelter, nutrition coach Amanda Kilduff also educates participants and leads sessions for other YWCA programs including the Turning Points residence, the Margaret’s Place youth residence, and the Trade Journey program.

The program is funded through the Community Initiatives Fund.

The YWCA Crisis Shelter is open 365 days a year as a safe haven for women  and children in Saskatoon who are facing hardship and poverty, and need access to services and supports.

Photo: Dave Stobbe