Summer Basketball Camps

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, YWCA Saskatoon/Fitness on 25th will not host our Annual Basketball Camps in 2020.


Summer Basketball Camps at YWCA

$300 per player per camp

Enroll in 2 camps and SAVE $100!

At YWCA Summer Basketball Camps, we take you through an exciting journey of learning to play basketball.

We use structured drills, together with fun games and activities, so you can learn and practice fundamental skills of the game of basketball, such as ball handling, passing, different types of shooting and rebounding.

We will teach you how to use the skills you learn in order to run offense and defense in real game situations.

This year, we will host our camps for 10 – 15 years olds at 2 different levels:

  1. Basketball Fundamental Camp: Using our advanced curriculum and focusing on the whole player, we teach your child the fundamental skills of the game of basketball. Our FIBA certified basketball coach starts each day with a ‘skill of the day’ and progress in to drills and games making an unforgettable camp experience for your young athlete. After a week of passing, shooting, dribbling and rebounding you will see how this camp would turn your child into a player who scores baskets.
  2. Basketball Strategy Camp: Participants to this camp are expected to know fundamental skills of basketball and have a reasonable understating from the rules of the sport. This camp is aiming at teaching participants how to use their skills in order to form and run a number of offense and/or defense strategies. Lessons are taught by explaining and demonstrating different game situations and then executing appropriate strategy according to each game situation. Participants will also spend more time playing basketball games where the coach will correct their moves.


Fundamental Camp – mixed: Monday July 8th – Friday July 12th      1pm – 4pm (Register)

Strategy Camp – mixed: Monday July 15th- Friday July 19th      1pm – 4pm (Register)


Enroll in both Fundamental Camp and Strategy Camp and save $100!

Call the YWCA at (306) 244-7034 or email for more information.

Camp Head Coach: Nima Nazemi

Nima has played basketball at a competitive level, earning 2 gold and 3 silver medals. He was nominated to join The Iranian National University Camp in 2005.

After retirement from the game of basketball as an athlete, he obtained his International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Grade 3 Coaching Certificate. He has trained and coached athletes in Canada, Australia and Iran.

Nima is also a certified personal trainer and uses advanced training methods to help athletes take their athletic performance to the next level.