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YWCA Saskatoon Pickle Ball


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, our Pickle Ball Program has been put on hold. We are unable to have any Pickle Ball programming for the time being. We hope to be back playing soon. Check with us anytime for more information.




We insist on standard fair play and sportsmanship ideals for Pickle Ball at YWCA Saskatoon. For example, it is standard and considered proper etiquette to allow the players on the opposite side of the court to call the in’s and out’s and to respect their calls regardless of whether you agree or not.

Here are some best practices for Pickle Ball Etiquette:

  • With the exception of our advanced sessions please attempt to play to the level of the opponent or opponents you are playing
  • Allow the other side to call “in’s and outs” on their side.
  • Give the benefit of the doubt to your opponent.
  • Quickly Settle any disputes by willingly reserving the point.
  • Ensure all four players are involved in the play. Hitting the ball always to the weaker opponent is an example of poor etiquette.
  • And, above all else, respect for your teammate and for your opponent is maintained.

LEARN-TO-PLAY: These two sessions are for those who wish to learn how to play the sport or improve upon their skills. This means its not just for beginners. We will have an instructor, typically Ken Turner, available from 9:15 AM to 10:30 AM and from 10:30 AM to 11:45 AM to help those who attend. Although this session is generally populated by those new to the game Ken has a great skills and experience to be able to assist more experienced players improve as well. We do not charge members for this service but non-members must pay our full drop in fee of $10 to attend.

  • All sessions currently cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

MIXED PICKLE BALL: Our mixed pickle ball sessions are intended for all levels of players except true beginners. We do have expectations of all players though. The expectation is that you must do your best to play to the level of your opponent especially if that opponent is less skilled than you. These sessions are designed as social settings where all pickle ball players can enjoy the game together. Winning should never be more important than comradery at any level at the YWCA. During our mixed sessions all four players should be included in the play and efforts against lesser players should be designed to be fair to their skill level.

  • All sessions currently cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

BEGINNER PICKLE BALL: Regardless of your skill level all pickle ball players are welcome to join our beginner sessions on Friday afternoons. Just know the policy is to play to the level of your opponent and that we encourage our beginner players to play during this zone. These times are great for the experienced player who has a friend they are just introducing to the game.

  • All sessions currently cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Who is a True Beginner: True beginners are typically players with limited skill development. For some of you with significant experience in other racquet sports you may never really be a true beginner at pickle ball. Its possible you may not have played much pickle ball but have played other similar sports and can play at our mixed level quickly. For those of you who are better defined as true beginners do not be afraid to come watch a mixed session to see if you are ready to play.

ADVANCED PICKLE BALL: Our advanced sessions are designed for accomplished players only. To participate you must have a sanctioned ranking of 3.0 or better from tournament play or from a ratings clinic. Self rating is not acceptable. You will be required to provide proof of your ranking if requested by YWCA management. Even though our advanced sessions are designed for advanced players the highest ideals of sportsmanship and comradery is insisted upon.

  • All sessions currently cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.