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Aqua Classes

At YWCA Fitness on 25th we pride ourselves on offering the best Aqua Fitness Program possible. We offer four levels of general Aqua Fitness classes; progressing from a mild workout to one that will challenge anyone. In addition, we have three specialty classes to provide a varied, challenging and fun experience. One aspect that separates our classes and helps to create a great aqua fitness experience is our use of equipment such as aqua fitness noodles, water weights, and hand paddles.

Our classes are rated based on the effort level required. If you are unsure of what level of class is right for you don’t be afraid to give any class a try. Scaling your effort is always acceptable so there is no class you cannot participate in. If you want to know more about our level system, download our Rating Scale here.

Family Swim: A great way to get out and enjoy the water with your kids. Anyone under the age of 18 needs to be accompanied by an adult. Children age 5 and under need a parent in the pool with arms reach at all times.

Check out the Aqua Class Schedule.

Mild Challenge Level:

Mild Challenge Level classes are, by design, intended to offer a mild strength and cardiovascular experience. This is an excellent class for seniors and those who wish a mild conditioning class. Individuals rehabbing major joint surgery such as knee and hip replacements will find these classes beneficial. Cardiovascular requirements for these classes are very light.

  • Gentle Aqua: The warm water is soothing while instructors give you a great stretching, strengthening, and low impact aerobic workout. This class is a great experience for those who have had joint replacement surgery, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Challenge Level: Mild.

Moderate Challenge Level:

Our Moderate level classes will increase the cardiovascular effort required while still offering complete scale-ability on the strength side. Moderate level classes are idea for someone who wants a mid-level cardio experience with individualized strength and mobility development.

  • Aqua Fitness 1: With NO swimming experience necessary, have a great Aerobic workout while toning muscles and improving flexibility and coordination. Aqua Fitness 1 is designed for those looking for a moderate workout.
  • Aqua Yoga: Looking for another option to relax, stretch, and strengthen? All of the benefits of land yoga, but with the soothing effect of the water! Yoga in the water challenges the participant to improve their mobility, strength and flexibility.

Scale-able Intensity Level:

Scale-able Intensity means the participant will have an experience where the instructor leads a class requiring a higher energy output. The responsibility rests with the participant to scale to their desired effort to a more moderate level if that is desired.

  • Aqua Fitness 2:Aqua Fitness 2 builds upon what you will experience with Aqua Fitness 1. This class offers the participant with a challenging cardio workout designed to improve your strength, flexibility and coordination. NO swimming experience is necessary.
  • Aqua Zumba: Splashing, stretching, twisting, laughing, and even shouting are often heard during an Aqua Zumba class. Integrating the Zumba formula and philosophy with traditional aqua fitness disciplines in a safe, challenging, water based workout that provides a cardio conditioning, body toning workout too. And most of all, exhilarating beyond belief. Challenge Level: Scale-able Intensity.
  • Deep Water : Our Deep Water Class is designed to take you to the deep end of the pool for a challenging Aqua Fitness workout. For this class, the water level will always be between your neck and shoulders with your feet off the bottom of the pool. Because over 80% of your body will be in the water, your abs/core will be challenged 100% of the time. With your feet not touching the floor of the pool there is negligible stress or wear and tear on joints. Flotation belts required (provided) – this class has limited space available.  Challenge Level: Scale-able Intensity.
  • Aqua Strength: This new class for 2017 may change what you think about Aqua Fitness. Our Aqua Strength class challenges you to use the consistent resistance offered by the water to augment strength and coordination movements and exercises. Challenge Level: Scale-able Intensity

High Intensity Level:

These classes, by design, challenge the participant to have an intense cardiovascular experience. Scaling down is always an option but the class is designed for a challenging workout.

  • Aqua Fitness Prime: Are you ready to work? Our Aqua Fitness Prime class is designed for those looking for a serious cardio vascular and strength workout in the water. We will challenge your balance and help you achieve the fitness goals you desire. NO swimming experience is necessary although comfort in the water is important.