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Fitness on 25th Aqua Classes


Fitness on 25th

Aqua fitness has been a popular way to work out for years! Not only is it good on your joints but it is a full body workout and fun!  These days there are several different styles, levels and types of aqua fitness that you can try out, many of which are offered at Fitness on 25th.  Ranging from your basic water aerobics class to something like Aqua Zumba or Aqua Cycling.  In this post I am going to list some of the many different styles of Aqua fitness that are out there today.

Aqua Aerobics:

  • Your basic Aqua fitness class where there are elements of cardio such as jumping jacks and cross country skiing, usually followed by some type of strength training for your arms, abdominals or legs. The levels for this class range from a low impact/gentle level to something very high paced and energetic. Many classes in this style are offered here at Fitness on 25th!

Aqua Zumba:

  • Aqua Zumba blends the fun atmosphere of a Zumba class with the low impact and resistance of the water! As they say it is one pool party you won’t want to miss. Usually paired with fantastic Latin music and many different styles of dance moves, it keeps you moving throughout the class and you won’t even realize it. Again this class offers the lower impact for your joints and helps tone your muscles using the natural resistance that the water creates. This class, like many other aqua fit classes are for anyone who wants to try, all you have to remember is to go at your own pace! This class is also offered at Fitness on 25th.