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Family Day in Saskatchewan


Child Development Centre

Family Day is observed in Saskatchewan on the third Monday of February. This holiday celebrates the importance of families and family life to people and their communities.  It gives families the chance to spend time together.

What do people do?

On Family Day, many people plan and take part in activities aimed at the whole family. These include visiting art exhibitions, watching movies, skating on outdoor ice rinks, playing board games and taking part in craft activities. Some communities plan special public events, and art galleries and museums may have reduced price or free entry.

As the weather is usually very cold in February, hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies are popular snacks. Other people use the long weekend as an opportunity for a short winter break or to travel to visit family members or friends.

Here is a list of activities to enjoy on family day:

  • Plan and cook a meal together
  • Do an activity that everyone enjoys, such as swimming or bowling
  • Have a family game night
  • Go for a walk in your community
  • Go to a movie or out for supper
  • Go to a museum, zoo, or art gallery
  • Make an art or craft together
  • Go sledding, skiing or skating
  • Visit a library in your neighborhood
  • Take a trip

Schools, communities and businesses can find other ideas for family-friendly activities at