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Exercise: Lat Pulldown


Fitness on 25th

Exercise: Lat Pulldown
By: Fred Smith, Personal Trainer

Looking for a great exercise to work your back? The Lat Pulldown will do the trick and its a piece of equipment found in most gyms. Of course there are different variations of the exercise. Today we will go over the wide grip Lat Pulldown. This exercise focuses on back and arm muscles such as the Latissimus  Dorsi, Teres major, Biceps Brachii and Poasterior Deltoid.

First of all find yourself a Lat pulldown machine. We have two of them in the Fitness on 25th gym. If you are having trouble locating one of them you can ask one of our friendly staff to help you out. 

Ready Position
-make sure a long bar is attached to the overhead cable-
-sit down and place your knees under the pad-
-take an overhand grip on the bar about six inch’s wider than your shoulders-
-lean back slightly so your chest is high-
-pull the bar down to your upper chest you should feel your shoulder blades come together-
-once the bar reach’s your chest return it to the starting position and repeat-
-perform the movement  with even tempo both up and down-
-keep your chest high through they entire movement-
-keep your elbows pointed behind you through the movement-

This is a great exercise that can be added to any program! Whether you are new or experience in a weight room setting, and are looking for a great back workout, give the Lat Pulldown a go!