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How does the Trade Journey program work?

It’s a five step program….

Step 1: Information Session – you will learn more about the program and get a look at the trades. After the session you can choose to submit an application for one of the fifteen spots or choose to pursue other options that fit better for you.

Step 2: Application – the step-by-step process will be explained at the information session. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance.

Step 3: Training – will run for 16 weeks – Monday to Friday. You will experience what its like to work in the trades, gain employability skills, identify a career path, and make a career plan.

Step 4: Job Search – Employers tells us that labourer is the entry level into construction industry. When the program is done you will be ready to find a job as a construction labourer with a goal of entering the apprenticeship of your choice.

Step 5: Apprenticeship – Once you are placed with a company as a registered apprentice you will be supported as you learn on-the-job and attend apprenticeship training.

What does the 16 weeks of training cost?

Funding is in place which covers the training-related costs for participants so there is no cost to you. You will be provided with personal protective equipment and basic tools.

Will I be paid while participating in the 16 weeks of training?

Participants are eligible to apply for Provincial Training Allowance (PTA). For more information on PTA, visit: Saskatchewan Provincial Training Allowance

What about child care?

This program is for work ready women. If you are offered a spot in the program, you will need to provide evidence of child care for the 16 weeks of training and when employed.

Where can I learn more about what it takes to work in the trades?

To learn more about trades in Saskatchewan, check out…