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When you are looking online for a job, especially at a site such as or, often you will come across a posting that has a long list of requirements and skills posted. Do not panic.

Unless there is a specific need for a position, such as an 1A driver’s license, WHIMS or Food Safety, one way to approach this list is to think of it as the company’s “wish list.” Their desired candidate will do everything on the list, but that does not mean it is all must-have skills. If there is a list of 10 skills, for example, if you can do the three that will be used every day other than the seven that will come up occasionally, there is a chance they would take you over someone who has the other seven.

Another example is if they require computer skills of Word, Excel and Access, they will probably take someone who can do Word and Excel then a person who uses Word and Access.

Many jobs have requirements that will only come up occasionally, but they list them because it is part of the job description. It may be worthwhile to send in a resume even if you are not yet skilled in everything that is on the list.