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Being unemployed and looking for work is a hard job in itself that requires self-motivation, planning, and bravery. There are a number of tactics you can use that will help you remain focused and upbeat, while also improving your employment prospects.

Volunteering can be great for confidence building and getting back into an environment based on teamwork, if you have been out of work for a while. Offering your time, skills, and expertise to relevant organizations can also aid your resume, since employers like to see that people have remained busy and focused in between jobs.

Networking is always important to keep in mind, since making new contacts can help uncover job opportunities you might not otherwise hear about. The 24-7-30 rule – which urges networkers to follow up new connections within a day, a week and a month to ensure the relationship is bedded in – is particularly useful.


Taking a break is also part of a viable job searching strategy. When it gets to 6 PM, switch off the computer, step away from the Internet and focus on other things. Take regular breaks during the day as if you were at work, too; go for a walk, eat your lunch away from the desk and refuel the batteries – this way you’ll have a much more productive afternoon without burning yourself out.

Do an online audit of the social media platforms you might be active on. It’s extremely important that your online profiles benefit your job hunt, not jeopardise it. Check privacy settings, polish your profiles, and make sure everything relevant to job searching is up to date.