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Should you fax or email your resume for a job posting?

Most companies will make it clear what process they want to receive your response to their advertisement, but some give the option of both. Which is better?

 Faxing is a good way to get your resume into the hands of an employer, but email is better, in part, for the following reasons:

 Nearly every position in today’s market, in some form or another, uses computers. Whether it be construction, loading a dock, driving a truck or working in an office, computers tend to come up in some form or another, to fill out time sheets or to keep track of a projects progress. This will only increase over time. If a resume is faxed in when it is possible to email, it indicates that you do not know how to use a computer, whether you do or not. This can be seen as a negative.

Over time, less and less people fax, so the machine where they come in does not always get checked regularly. The person who is doing the first sort of the emails will usually print them out and send them to the appropriate person, or forward the email with the attached resume to the person receiving it. If the email is accidentally lost by the person doing the hiring, usually a copy can still be found by the person who initially received it. If a fax is misplaced or lost, or if the fax’s paper jams, it is the only copy, which means you could be out of the running through no fault of your own.

While faxing is still a viable means to send your information, and it should not be discouraged, it is more appropriate and reliable to send it by email.