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There is a new business model that has been becoming more popular, especially with a large pool of potential employees from which to choose.

Many companies are hiring casuals rather than full time, to start off. The reasoning behind this is if you are a casual, it gives you the opportunity to learn the company’s culture, what your job will entail, and give them a better idea of how good a “fit” you are with them.

What many companies do is hire a group of casuals and as people leave, they fill in the gaps with someone they know can do the job, and then hire another casual to fill the opening space. Most people would like to work full time, even to start, but there are also advantages of working casual. The biggest of these is the opportunity to have access to the internal job listings. Just because you were hired as a casual in one position, does not necessarily mean you need to stay there within the company. Many people move up in other directions. This is a large part of the “hidden job market.”

Even as a casual – and this is also true to temps and part-time positions – it is important to do your best because that will make a better chance to become permanent.