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Employer Feature: Growing your Career in Garden, Tree and Landscaping Work

Here comes spring!  It’s time to think garden, tree, and landscape industries when it comes to job seeking. As winter comes to an end, employers in this sector are gearing up for the season ahead, and hiring starts now.

Take a look at many garden, tree and landscape job postings already on company websites.  These employers are looking for hard working people that love to work outdoors, are willing to do overtime, and have a good work ethic.

Many employers are looking for certifications and experience however, there are plenty of entry level labourer jobs available to help you kick off your career.  Entry level positions in the landscaping field could mean you are working on the hardscape of a property, doing work such as building the walk ways and retaining walls, moving dirt or creating water features. Landscaping also involves planting, lawn maintenance, pest control and clean-up. Learning opportunities abound and along with experience, you may be able to add some certifications to your resume.

Often overlooked are the opportunities to be found working for an arborist or tree company. Related training, experience using a chainsaw, and climbing are beneficial skills.

However, this work is not always about removing the tree. Keeping trees strong and beautiful requires the expertise of an arborist specializing in plant health care, pest and disease control, and soil conditions. Tree planting, pruning and fertilizing are also part of this work.

Entry level positions can enable you to learn from the ground up, and choose which direction you want your career to take. Some companies have a training allowance and that could help you grow in your career.

Do some research today and look for the “growing” opportunities that are open to both men and women!

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Stock Photo: Fantastic Gardeners