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Proper preparation before a job interview can lead to a significantly less stressful experience. It is vital to conduct background research into the company you are applying for a position with, from general information like what the organization does, to more specific matters such as who are the customers and clients. Any outstanding questions regarding your prospective employer can be presented at the end of an interview, and potentially demonstrate your interest and attentiveness in regards to the job for which you are applying. Keep in mind questions such as “how would this position allow me to learn and grow?” in case you can’t think of anything specific to ask.


In any job interview, it is important to be professional, confident, and dressed appropriately. Be yourself, but think before you speak, and ask for clarification if you need it. Be on time at the very least, or preferably 5-10 minutes early in order to gather your thoughts, smooth your hair, and/or grab a drink of water – whatever helps you feel calm and well-equipped. It’s also a good idea to bring an extra copy of your resume and a copy of the job ad to an interview, even if you don’t refer to it directly. When the conversation has concluded, don’t linger! Shake the interviewer’s hand again, restate your interest in working for the organization, and thank them for their time. It can be very beneficial to debrief yourself after the interview, review questions asked and answers given, in order to prepare and improve for future interviews, if necessary.