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Preparing for the Job Interview


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Preparing for a job interview can be a demanding process, often involving careful consideration of the various types of questions an interviewer may ask you and your possible responses; but what about your questions for them? Posing thoughtful, relevant questions regarding a potential position can not only clarify your perceptions of the job requirements, but demonstrate to employers that you are engaged, interested, and have conducted prior research into their company or organization. Take more control at your next interview by asking some pointed questions of your own, such as the those below.


Asking what happened to the person who previously did the job can help identify potential problems to avoid, as well as the past history of the position. The answer will also tell you about management’s expectations and how the company is planning to grow. While your relationship to a company is still that of an outsider, asking an interviewer why they chose to work at the business and what they like about it can give you access to the inside scoop. It also creates an opportunity for the interviewer to speak as an employee and your potential co-worker. You might want to inquire as to what the first problem the person hired must attend to is, so that you don’t end up being misled about the job’s requirements and end up overwhelmed. Asking the interviewer to tell you a bit about the person you’d be reporting to can also be a good idea, since it does not matter how wonderful the company might be; your time will be spent working for a specific manager. Concluding questions are almost always some variation of “what’s our next step?” in terms of how you should proceed following the interview, since you need to know what happens after this point.