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If you have exhausted your search for job searching/interview tips and are open to creative strategies, try some of these suggestions. Before an interview, brainstorm three different “PAR” situations, following this simple format: Problem – what was the situation? Action – what did you do to solve it? Result – what changed afterwards? You can adapt your PAR anecdotes to fit a variety of questions such as “tell me about a time you worked with a team” or “when have you struggled most?”


Wearing a subtle fashion statement to an interview can work in your favor, such as something that represents your culture or background. For example, an analyst from Morgan Stanley shares that “I always wear a pin of the Panamanian flag on my suit lapel. Most of my interviewers ask about it so it becomes a chance to discuss my upbringing and love of my homeland.”


Prepare for the standard job interview question “what is your weakness?” by formulating a strong response. This question is not about admitting your weaknesses, but showing how you overcome them. For example:


Weak: “My weakness is that I struggle to run efficient meetings…”


Strong: “I sometimes struggle to run efficient meetings. But I’ve worked to improve by drafting an agenda before every meeting, sending it to all participants, and then following up with a recap and clear action items so everyone knows what to do moving forward.”