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Earth Day at the YWCA Crisis Shelter & Residence: Tips to make your Earth Day a daily celebration!


Crisis Shelter & Residence

April 22 marks Earth Day! At the YWCA Crisis Shelter & Residence we are celebrating by planting some geranium seeds. Each seed was planted in a hand painted pot, by the residents.  These little soon-to-be plants found their homes on the bedroom windowsill of the resident rooms to turn into beautiful plants!  While we painted and planted we went over some Earth Day tasks to share and inspire this celebration to be everyday:

1) Plant something, whether it is a small potted plant indoors, or a full garden. Add a bit of green to your space. Plants help oxygenate the air!

2) Go outside.  Earth Day is all about appreciating the natural beauty around us. Especially in spring, we start to see signs of life as plants get ready to grow buds and birds start getting nests ready.

3) Be conscious of how you contribute to the Earth’s health and longevity! Every bit counts. Whether you are composting, using a rain barrel to collect water, recycling etc. these all help us take care of our beautiful Earth.  Think about what you put in the garbage….could it be re-purposed or useful for someone else?

4) Take a look at the products you use and the materials in items around you.  Try to go green with products you use.  Check out the internet for environmental DIY items you can make instead of buy!

5) Lastly, enjoy the outdoors and respect it! Look at it as an extension of your home!!


Happy Earth Day!!