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Saskatoon, SK—a group of 10 Saskatoon women are stepping forward to begin their dream careers in the construction trades. May 1st marks an important milestone in the group’s journey as they complete the 16 weeks of intensive training provided through the YWCA Trade Journey program, including a three week work placement with local employers.

This is the first of two cohorts to participate in the pilot training initiative. The program is designed to identify strong candidates, equip them for success in careers in the trades, and build a bridge between workers and employers. The first trades offered in January through April, 2015 were plumbing, carpentry and sheet metal fabrication.

“We are very excited to see these 10 women completing phase one of the YWCA Trade Journey program on May 1st. They are ready for the construction industry workforce, and are anxious to put their skills, knowledge and expertise to work,” said Donna Heimbecker, coordinator of the program at YWCA Saskatoon.

Of the 10 women, two are working full time as plumbers’ helpers, one has a job offer with her work placement employer based on performance evaluation, and seven are working hard in their placements to secure positions with those employers or through self-directed job searches.

A wind-up barbecue is planned for April 30th at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm to celebrate the success of the first YWCA Trade Journey participants and the beginning of the next part of their journey.

YWCA Trade Journey was made possible through funding by Status of Women Canada, the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy – Labour Market Services, BHP Billiton and designated charitable donations.

YWCA Saskatoon provides both emergent and preventative services to help women care for themselves and their families, and find housing and employment.

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