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Do Sask Clothing Swap


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May 24th held Do Sask’s Do Sask Clothing Swap. The event was organized by the proprietor of Do Sask, Amy Rederburg, in conjunction with the Nature City Festival.

Amy’s talent for organizing events were apparent at the Do Sask Pop Up Clothing Swap. She had brought in three designers to give fashion tips. One woman who owns a vintage clothing shop in the farmers market gave tips on how to do vintage looks. A personal shopper gave advice on how to switch up pieces from your closet to make a whole new look. The third designer who is responsible for all the great finds at the paramount boutique had advice on how to accessorize.

The clothing finds were great and having fashion experts close at hand while you choose your new-to-you clothes was fantastic. Amy promises that this will not be the last one. Spoiler alert, the next one may be in the fall.

Best part of the swap, besides the food from Pic Nic’s Catering, was that all the proceeds from the Swap were donated to the YWCA Crisis Shelter.

Submitted by:

Krysta Arsenault, Crisis Counsellor

YWCA Crisis Shelter and Residence