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Did you know participating in aquatic exercise can reduce the risks of falls?


Fitness on 25th, YWCA News

As we age the risk of falling, especially in icy conditions becomes a major concern for many people. Falls are also the leading cause of fatal injury for people over 75 years of age. Scary facts but since prevention is the best medicine, our fitness goals should include staying healthy and injury free as we age.

But why aquatic classes? Aquatic exercise is effective for anyone wanting to build lean muscle mass, increase strength, or heal from an injury. It is also the ideal exercise for aging adults to help maintain good health while still exercising at a comfortable functional level. Water provides a low-impact, low-weight bearing exercise which minimizes the risk of injury or undue stress to the joints

Here at the YWCA we offer a full daily schedule of Aquatic classes which starts at as early as 8am. Our classes range from Gentle Aqua to Aqua Bootcamp, so finding the right class for your fitness level won’t be a problem.

So why not try one of our Aquatic classes today?

Link here to see all of our group fitness classes