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Delivering Positivity Daily: #WWV16


Crisis Shelter & Residence

One of the activities during Week Without Violence in the YWCA Crisis Shelter and Residence involves hand delivered words of encouragement and positivity.  Each room on the shelter floor currently has a small envelope style mailbox beside it. This is where residents will find positive mail in the form of a quote, positive affirmation or kind words.

During Week Without Violence the message is to put an end to violence; this includes the negativity that we place on ourselves.  Judgement, doubt and negative self-talk create an unhealthy dynamic within.  Acknowledging the respect we deserve and embracing ourselves is just as important as spreading the message of non-violence to others.

The residents of the shelter have been emptying their mailboxes daily as messages are delivered. A few residents shared they have received kind notes from other residents as well!

Read about how cyber-bullying influences self-respect negatively. YWCA Project Shift is working to break this trend.

Mailbox on #3